Wood Floor

There are many types of wood floor but most common type of wood floor is hard wood floor and laminated wood floor .
Hard Wood Floor:
  Hard wood floor is very strong type of wood floor that we can use commercially and in houses for our bedrooms and in our iving rooms .as its name is saying it self that its hard wood floor means these type o floors are made of hard and solid wood.There are many different types of hardwood floor and it comes in different sizes and different colors .its pretty strong can easy to maintain and clean .its just not very good in places where there is chances of water staying or continues moisture.all we do is installl plywood on the floor and than install wood floor by nails using nail gun and there are special kind of nails we use to install wood floors those are called short head wood floor nails and these nails are usually short head and these are rust free nails .
Laminated Wood Floor:
  Laminated wood floor is a type of floor that we use in a place or room whee there is not much traffic it looks and feels like a wood floor but its not actually wood and its preety cheap and affordable .All we need is even and balanced surface and than we can install laminated wood floor .

Hard Wood Floor
Laminated Wood Floor